Saturday, May 22, 2010

Positive Attitude

It is a process by which the success will come to you ultimately, because you’ve been following the positivity and success will be coming in their ways only, who are spreading positivity everywhere. I feel there are two types of people on this earth, the one with this positive attitude and the other one without these vibes.

People who carry these vibes, success will come to them, sooner or later, easily or by hard work, they have to win because positivity is their biggest strength. Positivity could be in any term, by not speaking lie, working hard, dedication whatever it is good. It can be useful by any ways, because it will be giving self satisfaction to a person and ofcourse sooner or later success will be definitely theirs. The failure can be possible to those who carries negative attitude but for the people who contains positive vibes sooner or later the success will be theirs. The short term success is achievable to those who carries negative attitude but in long term the only key to success is the Positive Vibes

For me it matters a lot and I also would like to know your views on this…..

Friday, May 7, 2010


Generator……..Operator……..Destroyer……is the full meaning of the word GOD. Generator – the one who generates everything……..Operator – the one who operates everyone and Destroyer – the one who destroy everything.

This is as per English Mythology.

If we talk about Hindu traditions the three people are Bramha, Vishnu and Mahesh.

Bramha is known as the creator of everyone (the Generator) , Vishnu is the Operator of everyone and Mahesh – Shiv is known as Destroyer of everybody.

The logic remains the same in both the traditions. But the GOD is actually not visible to any of us. It is just the matter of trust and faith of the one who believes in his existence. It is absolutely a matter of discussion that whether or not we should belive in him.

As per me there are many things which can’t be seen by naked eyes, only trust and faith can value their presence. Let me disclose that I also do belive that he is there to help us out. I do not start believing in his existence after my accident, I believed in him from the starting. And today the respect for him increases like anything. Because I know about that situation as well, where doctors also refused to say anything about my condition. And it is because of him I am here today.

There are number of examples you can find where everyone lost hope about anything and then suddenly miracle happens and thins goes in their favor. What was that?...... just an incident, No, it is the clear indication of his presence around us.

But then there are many people among us are known as ‘Theist’ and ‘Atheist’. Theist – are those who believe and trust in God while Atheist - those who are nonbelievers. The only way to show your love towards him is Trust and Faith. With these you can show your love towards him the trust and faith and yes, you believe in his presence. For you there are no doubts about his strength. His presence for you is above and everything. Your belief is his greatest strength so that even when he is not visible to anyone form naked eyes, his presence can be felt easily.

While Atheist do not belive in God. They actually decline all the fact of his presence straightaway.

This is an endless discussion though because no one can actually win in this argument. Theists do have their own supporting answers while Atheist has their own.

But yes for me his presence is valuable; I do belive in his presence right from the starting and after accident much more faith in him has developed for me. And I also do belive that if your heart and mind is clean, then you don’t need to do any more. Because He also wants that only that mind, heart and thoughts will become clean, that’s it. Then it hardly matters if you go to temple everyday or not for me if your Heart, Mind and Thoughts are clear, you have fulfilled the need to go to temple and wash yourself.

I Believe in GOD and I have faith and trust on him.