Monday, November 1, 2010


M Back………after such a long time. Extremely sorry for staying away for so long, actually my life has been going through lot of ups and downs during this period, so that’s the reason I was trying to correct few things.

But now it looks that time is finished for staying away so here am I. I personally started a new business in consulting form, wherein I am working as a recruitment specialist for everyone. “Everyone” means who actually pays me gud ;-)

Jokes apart, I actually had a very bad time during all those days and seems that it is actually hard continuously for some time now. But never lose trust on yourself is the only key that you have to keep cos this time is not that hard that of accident one. And when that time has been passed so this will also pass. It won’t stay for so long and God has giving me these challenges as he must have thought of something very good for me. I only have to wait for a good time when he’ll give that Good thing to me. Just need to keep my morale up that’s it. Need an inspiration to boost my morale up. And I feel yes I’ll be able to do it.

Rest we will talk next time, till the bye and take care!!