Saturday, April 24, 2010

Moments in life - the next life

April 15,2009 - the date, I will never be able to forget. I met with an accident on the same date, I don't know how, where, but yes it happened with me. A painful experience I had afterwards, though I din't even knew what happen with me after that for the next 22 days. I was in coma. Had ventilator fixed on me and the chance that I'll survive were very less. But tochwood I survived and getting back on track.

But that sleep has broken many people, family, friends, well-wishers everyone. All of them were in in immense pain, and even today I can feel their pain, Immense pain. Pain which has been given by me. Knowingly or unknowingly but yes given by me.

But in that bad time, I can recognize my strength even today as well. My Family is the biggest proven strength of mine. I can easily say today that if I am back today on tract because of my Dad, Mom and my younger brother. Great well wisher like Pammi, she din't even thought of leaving me in my bad times, Hats off to her, friends like Zafar, he is the most wonderful person I've met, we know each other since our MBA from IMT has started at DIIMS, ITO. Rite Zafar? Kalpana & Amit, we share a great bond again thank you so much to all my friends to be my strength during that time.

One more name I would like to mention here, friendship with her was not very old, but understanding might have increased with time. But she was there all the time, not even with me but was with my family too. I was not expecting this but yes she's like this only, Her name is Neha.

Those were the worst days of my life, I had forgotten everything, how to talk how to walk entire me. My Dad has supported me as if a new born baby is being taught how to walk, how to talk everything. I had also forgotten how to write even today I can write but not with a smooth pace.

At that point of time Almost everyone has given me every kind of this, do that..and I was like...please....but that was a tough time for me for sure.

May 08 2009 It was just another morning. I opened my eyes after a good sleep. I felt so. My eyes opened to an all new place - a different cieling, and the fan was not the one i always woke up looking at, spinning away smoothly during summer and kind of hibernating during winter.The walls were different, the wall hangings were different. nothing looked familiar. I groped to recall how got in here. a very different place, different bed, new faces, kind of not the familiar expressions on those faces too. amongst those faces was my mom sitting with her sweet face and every loving eyes. in those eyes i saw a concern which I had never seen before and then she broke the moment she sees my eyes open.

My eyes rolled a bit to get an idea where I was since this was not my bedroom neither any other room in my big house. I knew every nook and corner of my sweet home but was amazed at the different look today, specially since I was getting up from a normal sleep. I couldnt have imagined things change just like that during sleep. I was surely not in Alice's wonderland. Then the slow realization that I was not at the right place. I was told where I was.

Those fraction of seconds that changed things in my life, my families lives, and the lives of my sweet and dear friends.

more to follow.......


  1. Arey mere Bhai, Try to come out of that time now and live life normally as nothing has happened. There is a lot to do in life than keep thinking about past. Move On Buddy, don't think too much about that time.

  2. Ok dude will surely try to but.........that thing is not forgetable easily and this is a try to tell evryone wat I had gone through

  3. Gags is trying to come out of it but he thinks it is not that there is no learning from it. Surely there is learning from it- for himself, his family, his friends. the ups and downs of life!!! so enjoy life fullest but keep in mind the twists and turns and how it affects everyone.

  4. Gagan your friend Zaff is rite U shuld move on....but being known u from our college days i must say that u have actually changed a lot...earler u were more of angry young we had quite fights as well..i remember :)...(n see we now chat n talk as if we r very close frndz)..then we were totally out of touch n suddenly one i got to know frm you abt this tragedy...n i was totally mum that moment of tym...bcuz not even in my weired dreams, i cud imagine that such things could happen wid was a totally shock for me...n i genuenly pray for u...i wish n beleive that u will get well vey soon...n dear just have faith in urself...u can do a lot better than r not alone each one of ur family member, frndz n well wishers r wid u...

  5. Hi Nisha....thanks so much for ur wishes.:)

  6. Life goes on...we all have our share of sorrows, miseries and bad times; but if we tend to think and sulk in them so much, we would lose out on the better things coming up. Let the past be and look ahead. There is a lot of happiness and joy in store for you and life has so much more to offer. Hold onto the better things in life and let go of those that bring sadness to your heart :)

  7. Depends Neha.......things can be good for me......may be