Sunday, April 18, 2010


Hi all, just got the oppurtunity to share my thoughts with you all. I think i am lucky enough to get this chance to share my views with you.

First of all let me just introduce myself to you.

My Name Gagan Ghansal, I am almost 27 years old now. I had a great confidence within me and very good nature as well. I had a carefree attitude and was managing things very smoothly(be it whatever). My Nature was friendly, therefore I was able to make friends very easily. I was one angry young man in short. I have done my schooling in commerce and graduation in Industrial Relations & Personnel Management from Dyal Singh College DU and MBA in HR from IMT.

College days were great, after the rules of school, the college atmosphere was simply very good. I have started working in my early age through HR (after college). And today I am having 5+ years of experience in the similar field.

The nature was friendly but if you ask today, the friends I have is very less. Very few good friends. I lived my life fullest with all carefree attitude within me. Whatever hurdle come whatever problem comes, I treat them very small and get all the sucess against them.

Things very smooth, life was literally rocking till something happebed 15 April 2009.

I had met with a sever accident on the same date. I was in the hospital for about 1.5 months and I was in coma for more than 22 days. I didn't knew what happened during those days. I have no clues. What I can see is pain on everyone's face immense pain which I only can see not even speak. I was in a diffrent condition altogether, I forgotten how to speak, walk or even how to write. I think I was equivellant to new born baby at that point of time.

My condition was of a new born baby only, the only difference was at that point of time I was more then 25 years of age.

I've hurt many people at that point of time my Parent, friends, official collegues and all near dear ones.

But family grievance is greator than everyone's grievance, they were in immence pain because of me and nobody can even think of sharing it. They actually take every care of me to make me standable in this world. Whatever I am today is because of their hard work only.


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  2. zaff said...

    True Buddy, that was horrible time and thank GOD, everything is back on track now. It was a horrible time for me as well, you were my Best Friend and you will be my Best Friend forever.

    I remember ur parents doing everything possible to get to back, I hope u remember it forever and never let them down. You owe them not once but twice.

  3. I do Zaffar.....& m totally agree with you.....and trust me I don't let anybody's down now

  4. Dude, its a good start and thanks for sharing. but this is the tip of the iceberg. There are so many things that have happened after that fately incident exactly one year back. i did not know you then, but now as i have been talking to you i have been admiring the way the supreme power - GOD, has given you a fresh lease of life. So enjoy life fullest!!! and thank the supreme and all your near and dear ones for all the love, help, support and comfort they provided and have been providing.

  5. Thanks was your inspiration only that I am able to write bout me.....thank you so much for the help...

  6. Kya baat, kya baat, kya baat..!!

  7. Tu bhai DID se impress reh bas..........

  8. Just brought back all those moments when we just stood there waiting for the doctor to tell us that you showed some sign of improvement. Even a waiver of your finger or a little twitch of your leg brought happiness and revived our hopes. It was like fighting against the negative thoughts and energies surrounding us every moment while we longed to get you back!
    It's more than a year since then; in fact, today (April 19) is exactly one year when I mustered the courage to visit you in the ICU. Till then, I would just wait outside for others to tell me how you were. And when I came to see you and called out your name, you shook your head....when I touched your hand, you held it. Other times, when you would just not respond to our calls, we would all be shattered and yet keep smiling so that the other one does not get to know it. But it was all visible in all our eyes, however hard we tried to hide it.
    Great to see you sharing your side of the story...and yes, you have the most awesome family :)

  9. I know Neha.....and during those I found a sweet friend who was with me....though my eyes were closed and was not able to expect anything but U were there all the time...(however today when M able to feel evrything U r far off). I need to thank you to stand by me in my bad time. Thanks dil se.

  10. You know something..I had almost lost hope esp after having seen you in that terrible condition in the hospital. I had come with Ankit as I dint have the courage to see you on the basis of your description given to me by various people and after seeing you, i just broke down the moment i got out of the ICU. All those beautiful memories and times that we spent together at Infopro just came rushing...I am happy that your recovery is going better than expected and you slowly returning to full strength. Needless to say you are a wonderful person and blessed with a beautiful family, may god shower loadsa happiness, peace and success :-)

  11. I am not writer like neha and all in one, its great to c u as a writer.......good..keep it up..

  12. @Tithiparna - Thanks for the lovely attitude, u & me actually sharing the good vibrations and in a small span of time we have a good bond with eah other. Thanks for your lovely comments and gesture. And this bcoz of well wishers like u i am here today.

    @Jalpesh - nothing yar m not a is just a attempt to show the face of Last 1 Year...